FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

• What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are the bioequivalent of a brand medication in dosage form, safety, strength, quality, how it is taken and intended use.

• Are generic drugs as safe as brand drugs?

Absolutely.  Both drug facilities meet the same standards of good manufacturing practices.

• Are generic drugs as effective as brand?

Yes.  98% of people who take generic drugs experience positive results.

• Why are generic drugs less expensive?

New brand-name drugs are developed under a patent.  When the patent expires, other manufacturers can produce and sell generic versions.  Because these manufacturers don’t have the R & D costs, they can sell them at substantial discounts.

• Why are your prescription drug prices so low?

The Canadian government limits how much pharmaceutical manufacturers can charge for medications when they are approved and caps price increases.

• How much money will I save?

Most patients save up to 80% on pharmacy prices, which can be hundreds of dollars

• How long will it take for me to receive my medication?

Please allow 2-4 business weeks.

• What is your return policy?

The B.C. College of Pharmacists states that once a medication has left the pharmacy, it cannot be returned for any reason - Bylaw 5(33. subsection 1). In the event of a defect or damage to a prescription product, it will be exchanged and a replacement shipped.

• What do you accept for payment?

The Pharmacy accepts check, money order or electronic check.

• Is Canadian Discount Med Services a Pharmacy?

No.  We are an intermediary. We only deal with affiliate pharmacies who handle only safe, FDA approved medications.